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There are so many options on the market that claim to be effective, affordable ways to fix imperfections in your smile, but they often turn out too good to be true and leave customers feeling unsatisfied.

However, one dental technique that has proven to be both effective and cost-efficient is dental bonding. Bonding is a procedure that applies a special resin to your teeth that can mask gaps, chips, cracks, decay, fillings and discoloration in your teeth.

How Do Dental Bondings Work?

Dental bondings use a plastic-based resin to hide the imperfections you have highlighted in your smile. Your dentist will use a shade guide to match the resin with the natural color of your teeth so you get a true-to-life look that is completely unnoticeable!

To apply the resin, your dentist will coat your teeth in a special tooth-specific adhesive to help secure the resin to your teeth. Then, an ultraviolet light will be used to harden the material to it can be shaped and polished as needed.

The result? A fine-tuned, perfect smile that will leave you — and others — speechless!

Why Should I Choose Dental Bonding?

Beyond the fact that bonding will enhance your smile and improve your confidence, there are numerous reasons to choose bonding over other cosmetic dentistry options.

First and foremost, the difference in cost is striking. Typically, dental bonding costs much less than other cosmetic dental options like veneers, inlays and onlays, implants and dentures. This is due to the low cost of the material and the quickness of the procedure.

That brings us to one of the other most important benefits: the time it takes to complete the procedure. While getting veneers, inlays and onlays usually take multiple trips to the dentist, dental bonding can be completed in one visit! Most of the time procedures last in between 30 minutes and an hour, making bonding a quick, stress-free option for a better smile!

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