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There are a lot of small abnormalities that can occur during the formation of teeth. Some people are born with teeth as a baby, while others develop overlapping teeth as their adult teeth come in. Abnormalities vary in their severity and the effect they have on everyday life.

Peg lateral incisors are an abnormality that can cause a lot of stress. Often referred to as peg teeth, those who deal with them don’t face any actual health risks from the condition, but they can face a lack of confidence, uncertainty and dissatisfaction with their smile. Below, we’ll take a look at peg teeth and what can be done with them to create a happy smile that you can be proud of.

What Are Peg Teeth?

Peg teeth typically affect the lateral incisors, or the teeth on either side of your central incisors. When these teeth are “pegged” they incorrectly develop and take on small, pointed and cone-like shapes. They can occur in both baby and adult teeth, but adult teeth typically draw the most concern, as adult peg teeth are permanently underdeveloped.

This can cause a lot of headaches for people who suffer from them, as they attract attention and don’t look like normal teeth. This can affect self-esteem and leave people feeling self-conscious about their smile.

Treatment For Peg Lateral Incisors

While peg teeth may leave patients feeling embarrassed and shy about their teeth, there are many different ways to address the issue so it’s fixed once and for all.

The field of cosmetic dentistry is more advanced than ever, allowing dentists to provide an array of options to address peg lateral incisors. A common solution to peg teeth are veneers, which are created by coating the front of the teeth with a resin material to create a covering that looks just like a natural tooth. These coverings are created outside of the dentist office and are applied after they are made in a laboratory to fit individual teeth.

Dental bondings are another great way to fix the appearance of peg teeth that also involve using a plastic-based resin. Bondings are created inside of the mouth as the dentist shapes them to your specifications and uses an adhesive and ultraviolet light to secure them.

The Final Word

Peg teeth provide no threat to dental health and oral hygiene but can create dissatisfaction in those who would like a smile without underdeveloped teeth. Cosmetic dentistry solutions are effective ways to address peg lateral incisors and create the teeth that patients are looking for.

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